Jitsi iFrame API Limit Moderators

I am quite new to programming and the Jitsi iFrame API integration with my basic HTML website was easy. However, the problem that I’m running into is that everyone who joins has moderator permissions - is there a way to disable this using the iFrame API?

Are you hosting your own Jitsi server or using the free instance at meet.jit.si?

Please disregard this message.

I’m using the domain: meet.jit.si in my code. I’m quite new to all of this so I thought that would be the best way to go.

  • With that, is there any way to limit moderators?

Also, if there isn’t, is there some kind of pricing model for how much it would cost to host my own Jitsi server in a website where it would be used pretty often.

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Payload add creation token
moderator= true or false

“aud”: “jitsi”,
“context”: {
“user”: {
“id”: “0f8b7760-c17f-4a12-b134-c6ac37167144”,
“name”: “John Doe”,
“avatar”: “https://link.to/user/avatar/picture”,
“email”: “john.doe@company.com”,
“moderator”: “true” <-----------------------------------------------------------
“features”: {
“livestreaming”: “false”,
“outbound-call”: “false”,
“transcription”: “false”,
“recording”: “false”
“exp”: 1696284052,
“iss”: “chat”,
“nbf”: 1596197652,
“room”: “*”,
“sub”: “vpaas-magic-cookie-1fc542a3e4414a44b2611668195e2bfe”

Hi! Thanks for this, but how can I do this using the JITSI code from the API I mentioned above? I essentially create a new api with options, but how can I determine if you should not be a moderator?

yes create new token , token with information full controller , user room

you using public jitsi or you installer?

Public Jitsi, using IFrame API with the meet.jit.si host domain