Jitsi IFrame API - Failed starting recording with YouTube


I noticed that, when I try to use a listener to start a YT recording, it doesn’t work anymore. This is the error I get: Failed starting recording: the recording service is not enabled.

As I said in the title, I’m using the IFrame API with HTML + JS. This is the code I’m using for the listener and to start the stream:

api.addListener('participantJoined', (id, displayName) => {
				if (params.moderator == 1) {
					api.executeCommand('startRecording', {
						mode: 'stream',
					 	shouldShare: true,
						youtubeStreamKey: params.youtubeStreamKey,

Does anyone know why it happens now,while it didn’t some weeks ago? Thank you in advance.

Is this your own host?
If so, what is its version? There are some config changes for the latest stable.

It’s not my host, it’s an IFrame integration

I have the same problem. Where can I find these config changes?

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