Jitsi - Hosted on an Jelastic Instance - Customization Work

Hello Folks,

I am looking for a Jitsi Developer can do the following:

  • create new host accounts when a user signs up to my web service
  • trigger automatic conference recording for every call
  • upload recording to separate CDN (Cloudinary)

the current setup:
Self-hosted instance of Jisti using Jelastic’s custom docker image
Conferences are embedded into web application using external_api
Web application tech stack:
Ruby on Rails (Rails 6.0, Ruby: 2.6)
Vanilla JS (using Webpacker)

If this is something you can do - send me a message with expected delivery time and price quotation.

Some clarifications:

  • This service will only be used as an embedded iFrame, not a stand alone system.
  • iFrame will be installed on a Ruby on Rails web app.
  • Host account creation will be from Rails web app.
  • Currently have a fully functional, Jitsi system created from this docker repo: https://github.com/jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet

Ideal implementation would be done by 1st of September.