Jitsi host and guest end up in different rooms

We are seeking Jitsi expert to help resolve the following problem we are facing using JITSI.
When the host calls and the guest picks they end up in two different rooms. The rooms have the same URL but the host URL has the following additional tag at the end " user_type1"

For example:

the host URL is"webrtc.videocall.com/A123user_type1" and
the guest URL is “*webrtc.videocall.com/A123

if you can help resolve this issue for us please email me at umalcare@gmail.com

Of course they’ll end up in 2 different rooms, those are 2 different room names. What exactly is your use case?

The use case is for a telemedicine video consultation between a patient and a doctor. At the appointment time, the doctor invites the patient and when the patient answers/accepts the invitation they should enter into the same room and start the call. However, what’s happening now, as mentioned above, is that when the patient accepts both the doctor and the patient enter into separate rooms and do not connect.

Yes, they’re entering different rooms because you’re giving them different URLs. Each URL corresponds to a room. “A123user_type1” and “A123” are both room names and they’re different rooms. Both the doctor and the patient should have the same URL to enter the same room. So, using your example, BOTH the doctor and the patient should use the URL “webrtc.videocall.com/A123”. Now, if you want the doctor to have controls in the room that the patient should not have (expectedly), that’s a different conversation - it’s not set in the room name.

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Freddie, thank you for your help. The only “user_type” I can find in my code is in php and its just a value given…We’ll try and remove the “user_type1” tag from the code and see how it works. Odd thing is that the patient and doctor were previously entering into the same room (and generating the same URL) even when that tag existed.

Actually, Freddie you’re right, the “?user_type=1” is used to give the doctor unique controls in their room, so we should not remove it. But do you know where to look for the code that gives the doctor these controls? For some reason the flag was rewritten as simply “user_type1” and the “?” and the “=” signs are missing. So do you know where we can look for the code that gives the doctor controls?

It looks like URL params are bing passed to control access. You can look in your interface_config.js and config.js files for the different parameters. This, however, is probably not the most optimal way to accomplish the goal if you’re hosting your own Jitsi. It would be more effective to implement Secure domain and even JWT Tokens for more granular control.

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Thank you very much. We’ll try that and let you know how it goes. Thanks once again, we really appreciate it.

You may have a customized Nginx config which adds a token when there is special pattern in the link

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Thank you, we shall check on this. Appreciate your input.

Hi i have sent a PM.