Jitsi@Hetzner after clean install almost working

I installed the jitsi videobridge on a root server (Debian 9) at the german provider according to that tutorial https://community.hetzner.com/tutorials/jitsi-meet-on-debian-ubuntu

When I open my URL after the install I get the default Jitsi screen an I can start a meeting (tried it with chrome as browser as suggestet).

Then I try to connect to that meeting via the iOS app. In chrome I see a short message that the iOS user arrived but shortly after that I get the message that the iOS user leaves. On iOS I get an error message that “something went wrong”. It retries after 20 seconds but with the same error message.

In the tutorial I used there was one difference when I installed it on the server:

systemctl restart nginx.service jicofo.service jitsi-videobridge.service

The command gave an error that the jitsi-videobridge.service does not exist. When I change it to “jitsi-videobridge2.service” the restart works. But still when I have a look in the jitsi logs I get an error when I connect via iOS that no default bridge can be found.

Does anyone have an idea, what the problem might be?

could be a certificate problem, did you install the certs properly?
the hetzner tutorial seems quite outdated, as far as I know, the issues they mention were fixed in the lastest stable release

for installing the latest stable release, just follow the instructions on github

and don’t forget to run the letsencrypt-script afterwards. I’m hosting two jitsi instances at hetzner and it works perfect, also with iOS / android

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I’m not sure if that is an issue but what differs from the “default” config are the stun settings… in the default config it is stun:thedomain:port instead of just thedomain:port

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vi /etc/prosody/conf.d/jitsi-test.example.org.cfg.lua

Angenommen, die Domain ist https://jitsi-test.example.org

Aus irgendeinem Grund fehlte hier die “Component” für die eigene Videobridge.
Diese scheint aber nötig zu sein. Standardmäßig muss sie “jitsi-videobridge.jitsi-test.example.org” heißen.

Also eigene Component + secret für eigene Videobridge hinzufügen. Das component_secret aus der Datei “/etc/jitsi/videobridge/config” nehmen:

Folgende Zeilen am Ende der ersten VirtualHost-Section einfügen:

Component “jitsi-videobridge.jitsi-test.example.org
component_secret = “1234qwe”

@sdueckert I read through the tutorial you linked, it seems a bit strange.

I followed the quick install documentation, and it works very well. Also hosted @Hetzner

i did that and it worked instantly. THX!