Jitsi helped Us!

My sister and I live with our respective families in the United States. My parents, who live alone in India recently were infected with Corona virus. In the current environment in India, we had to manage everything from the US. In all of this, we needed to be close to our parents as if we were with them handholding them to survive and then recuperate. We were introduced to Jitsi as an app that would keep us connected both visually and verbally. For the last one month, Jitsi has allowed us to keep a watch on them through their most vulnerable times and not once has it blinked!

Hats of to the Jitsi team in just being there and helping us save our parents.

Thanks a ton!




Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing!

We are happy to hear news like this. Even happier to know your parents are doing fine. :slight_smile: