Jitsi Healthy Practices

I post here because here’s where the best Jitsi knowledge is to be found. I hope that my question besides its relative vagueness will be compensated by its potential practical usefulness. Here comes the plot:

We host a JitsiMeet instance, (nginx, docker). We toyed around with LDAP and things but now again are just using it pretty much vanilla. Quite a few times we also have tried to have some of our meetings on https://meet.jit.si/ just to compare the experience. In both cases we tend to be between 6 to 10 persons. But on both systems we also very often do ‘one-on-one’ calls. The bottom line is simple. This:

There is not always, but pretty close to always, massive constant problems. To a much higher degree then when using those services we really do not like, and hope to avoid (Wire, Zoom, Google Meet, Skype and others). (Falling in and out of calls despite having strong connection, having good bandwith but Jitsi saying that one does not, the video being 1 minute behind the audio, and many other variations). I am not in any way trying to complain about Jitsi! We love Jitsi! Instead what we really would like to know are the things that one can do to improve the experience. There are scattered fragments here and there about this, but we would like to ask in one place, and hear from both the experts and mere mortals:

What are the very best practices to increase the odds of having good stability during calls under Jitsi? Both on the level of self-hosting, and also at the level of the desktop or mobile user? We want to know the most important, “Always do this”, “Sometimes try so and so” and the “No No for the love of God never do that’s!”.

Hopefully the assembled knowledge or plain tips of this is helpful for many, and particular newbies, who wish to use Jitsi as the preferred platform of communication. Thank you for creating and maintaining this all the way since back in 2003.

First of all for the time being use Chrome. Better Firefox experience is ongoing effort and will come soon.
By the way were you using Firefox, cause your problems sounds like the reports we have for it?

Thank you. We never use anything else but Chrome. (Unless we use the mobile app).

One thing we figured out was that it seemed like certain plugins, addblockers I think it was, seemed to negatively affect Jitsi. So we therefore use vanilla Chrome, or portable Chrome, and make sure it is last version. But what else, besides having a fast connection can one do?