Jitsi hates me, and I don't know why

Hi, I’d really appreciate a hand with my - somewhat convoluted - Jitsi Meet setup. I’ve solved many problems, but I’ve hit a wall with this (last?) one.

The symptoms are familiar : Connection to the Jitsi web server first loads the page, authenticates via JWT, opens the camera and displays the image. After a few seconds, the video disappears, and ‘Unfortunately, something went wrong’. These two phases then loop indefinitely.

The server CentOS 7, with Apache proxying 443=>5281 to Prosody v0.11.3, and ports forwarded to Docker containers jitsi/web, jitsi/jvb, jitsi/jicofo. So far, I’m not interested in jigasi or jibri.

Tested on Windows 10, Firefox v75.0.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to limit what I can post so I hope I haven’t missed anything out.

Questions :
Why is there a 500 error in the stanza? It’s not from Apache, or Tomcat, or (I think) Prosody. How can I find out where it’s coming from?

Why is jicofo timing out? What is it waiting upon? Prosody? jvb?

Upon exactly what host or component does focus@ need to be an admin? jvb@?

Thanks for any clues!

Uh, I can’t actually post any logs or configs here because Discourse thinks there are links in there, even though I’ve elided all http references.




Hey @DaveTheDave… You mention you got this sorted… Care to share? I’ve had the same issue for days now… rebuilt, and rebuilt, to no avail… I would really appreciate anything you can share that may help me fix my instance…

Thanks in advance…

My setup is pretty involved (Apache, Tomcat, Docker (Jitsi web frontend, JVB and Jicofo), and extant Prosody setup) so I’m afraid my solution won’t help you much. That said…

The 500 and subsequent timeouts were due to an errant custom Prosody module that was swallowing one particular Jitsi stanza. I suggest you duplicate /exactly/ the example modules_enabled section, and exclude any third-party modules you load.

The second problem was due to Jitsi being unable to create and join the brewery room. This was because I was working from an example Jitsi configuration that had (I think) the conference muc in the wrong VirtualHost.

I solved both these problems by starting from https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/doc/example-config-files/prosody.cfg.lua.example and then adding one section of my original Prosody configuration, then restarting all services and watching the logs. If everything started up and worked, add another section.

I hope this helps. Best of luck!