Jitsi has no camera or audio but chat works on iphone/ipad Chrome doesn't work at all on the ipad/iphone with the newest ios

Newest JItsi server installed. Everything works great except for iphone or ipad with ios 13.4. No camera or mic but chat works. Won’t work with chrome or firefox “Jitsi not available use desktop site”
Seems like an easy fix. PS It worked before ios uograde.

Latest Jitsi
ubuntu 18.04
Google VM


Are you using the Jitsi Meet app? (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/jitsi-meet/id1165103905)

No. Just built my own server on ubuntu 18, it worked fine even with safari prior to ios 13.4 auto update.
Not really a big fan of the APP frame work regarding anonymity.
What is your experience after the iOS 13.4 update with your APP ?

I dont have any ios device to test. But i suppose if you want to use jitsi on iPad/iPhone, you definitely need to use the app.

Don’t agree, it worked before auto update of iOS to 13.4 it’s connecting because the chat is functioning just no audio or video. My hunch is that it seems like a codec kinda problem. Any ideas?
Thanks for you interest.

Ok, then it should be because the iOS update.

I’m thinking about my own Turn Server but since it works on android and PC’s
It works on MACs and MacBook the last time I checked.
Or fidling with the codec settings like h246 etc
I’ve had tehse kinds of problems in the past and have over come them. :wink:

Were you able to solve the problem? I have the same problem. Even with camera and audio permissions not working on ios 13.5

Hi there Fabio No not yet works with beta and meet.jit.si though

were you able to solve this. I am facing same issue. Video/audio not working on mobile browser.