Jitsi governance?

Good morning.

I’m looking for information about Jitsi’s governance, in particular the Jitsi meet software. I know 8x8 is the company “behind” Jitsi, but am struggling to find information on the governance model for the open source software.

I’m interested in:

  • how are decisions on Jitsi’s roadmap made and who makes these?
  • what is the merging policy for contributions
  • who decides what to merge and what not to merge?
  • who are the main contributors / financiers of the Jitsi meet software?


These are good questions you can ask in person on The Call that we host every two weeks, next one is this Monday.

There is a project and product lead

There is no such, but we value the contributions and try to work on the whenever we can. If needed contributions are ran through the product team and design team and we discuss them and ask for changes to the contributors. Nothing unusual.

This is 8x8.