Jitsi Google Chrome

jitsi does not work on google chrome side of many machines.

he enters the channel, but video and audio only sound himself.

they cannot hear the voices of the participants and cannot see their images.

they can only see their own images.

There is no problem when they log in with the opera browser.

I suppose this is self hosted deployment, is it updated to latest stable?

yes I just installed on ubuntu 20 server

Are there any errors in the js console in Chrome?

google chrome error :

modules/RTC/BridgeChannel.js WebSocket.e.onclose channel closed

This is a network issue check out advanced section in https://jitsi.org/qi

I installed it by looking at the instructions here, but nothing has changed.

Is the masked dns the one of your deployment?

no i don’t use masked dns

I mean in the screenshot … or you copied the link and tried it in the browser … that will not work.

Is your port forwarding working and UDP 10000 accessible from the internet?


Port-forwarding is done on a device or machine doing the NAT that is fronting the jitsi-meet one.

There is no machine that manages it up front.

the device is a direct internet device