Jitsi Freelancer Needed to Help Launch Video Chat at TextNow!

TextNow is currently in the process of launching our video chat feature and could use the help of a highly skilled Jitsi Developer to solve some of our existing problems. Here is a list of some of the tasks we are currently working on:

Jitsi default notifications (for common errors like camera or microphone permissions issues) do not currently match TextNow styling, making the experience seem disjointed. We want to update the styling of these Jitsi notifications to match our own to provide a better, branded UX.

Conference Calling - We would like to configure this as a part of our video chat feature and could use assistance in setting this up.

Fixing bugs - we currently are having some problems with scrambled video, rotating back and forth between portrait & landscape, and serving desktop users with multiple cameras.

If you believe you could help us fix some of these bugs, please contact me at joe.schott@textnow.com

Hi @joe.schott

We can help you with your requirement as it is similar to what we do. I have sent you an email. Please check that out.


@joe.schott - I sent you a direct message and email; please check;

Thanks for your response! My colleague Ally is going to book some time with you to go over our current Jitsi-related needs.

Hey Swetz,
Thank you for your interest in Textnow.
Are you free to chat tomorrow (Friday)? I’m free all day 9-5pm and I work in EST.

Let me know what time works best for you.

Thank you,

Hi allyson and @joe.schott,

It looks like I cannot send you a dm. Let me know if 9:00 am EST works for you.


Please email me at joe.schott@textnow.com

Hi @joe.schott I have sent you an mail. Please check it out.