Jitsi for webinars

Hello community,
I’m new to the jitsi project and my first post is an ask for help.

My Project:
I like to self host a webinar platform and plan to have:

  1. A Podium - user that can present or discus topics.
    The standard Jitzi Meet Platform, self hosted will do this!

  2. A Auditorium - user that only watch - eventually posting questions in a chat to the moderator.
    I would think to use jibri to stream the webinar to a separate web server.
    Anyone with the correct link would be able to follow the webinar as a viewer.

A - Is this the right approach?
B - How to set up jibri for streaming content to a web server?
C - Can I disable the mobile app request for Jitzi Meet and use only the browser?

I thank you all