Jitsi for telepresence system

Hi Everyone I just registered to jitsi community because i discovered lately the possibility
of to install etsy inside a own server, i started to work it and all working good,
but for my project i need to make a modify in the code of jitsi, for have the possibility
of bridge the inside audio of notebook sistem to microphone of conversation.
Would be possible to make this miracle? would be super to use jitsi for telepresence ,
in this website there is the project.
somebody used Jitsi service with a telepresence would be possible to see something in this video: https://www.tiktok.com/@actionoise/video/6908424933290872066?source=h5_m
but i prefer to install jitsi in one own server and add the command audio inside for have all in one , if somebody is interest in this project and want to join can contact me,
i’m waiting a response about the bridge inside jitsi prog, thanks in advance and compliment for the community.