Jitsi for swiss higher education - success story

I am doing a test by creating a virutal server with a shared card and belonging to the same network, it connects but I cannot enable the microphone or the camera, and in reality I do not see any user connected to be able to write in chat, as if in reality I enter the web but I don’t see anyone connected

Good morning,
I am attaching the copy of the logs that my server generates, in my opinion it does not connect at all, in effect it disconnects and tries to reconnect.
2020-04-01 09:12:16.803 INFORMAZIONI: [17] Videobridge.createConference#326: create_conf, id=ae8ba105089bdbc3 gid=null logging=false

2020-04-01 09:12:16.806 INFORMAZIONI: [17] Health.doRun#294: Performed a successful health check in 3ms. Sticky failure: false

2020-04-01 09:12:25.837 INFORMAZIONI: [16] VideobridgeExpireThread.expire#144: Running expire()

2020-04-01 09:12:26.808 INFORMAZIONI: [17] Videobridge.createConference#326: create_conf, id=e765e2b8ff4e7b4b gid=null logging=false

2020-04-01 09:12:26.812 INFORMAZIONI: [17] Health.doRun#294: Performed a successful health check in 4ms. Sticky failure: false

2020-04-01 09:12:36.813 INFORMAZIONI: [17] Videobridge.createConference#326: create_conf, id=be282a3fae133bef gid=null logging=false

2020-04-01 09:12:36.816 INFORMAZIONI: [17] Health.doRun#294: Performed a successful health check in 3ms. Sticky failure: false

2020-04-01 09:12:46.817 INFORMAZIONI: [17] Videobridge.createConference#326: create_conf, id=9626391da1d70cfd gid=null logging=false

MPP provider Jabber:focus@auth.test.miodominio.locla/focus16658684513@localhost connected (JID: focus@auth.test.miodominio.locla/focus16658684513)

Jicofo 2020-03-31 18:42:28.433 INFORMAZIONI: [10] org.eclipse.jetty.server.handler.ContextHandler.doStart() Started o.e.j.s.ServletContextHandler@7b32224{/,null,AVAILABLE}

Jicofo 2020-03-31 18:42:28.563 INFORMAZIONI: [10] org.eclipse.jetty.server.AbstractConnector.doStart() Started MuxServerConnector@55848e58{HTTP/1.1,[http/1.1]}{}

Jicofo 2020-03-31 18:42:28.563 INFORMAZIONI: [10] org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server.doStart() Started @8845ms

Jicofo 2020-03-31 18:42:28.566 INFORMAZIONI: [1] org.jitsi.impl.configuration.ConfigurationServiceImpl.log() net.java.sip.communicator.impl.protocol.jabber.extensions.caps.EntityCapsManager.CAPS.http://prosody.im#ZBWApSGFMsTZkuVThHtyU5xv1Mk==

Jicofo 2020-03-31 18:42:28.567 INFORMAZIONI: [1] org.jitsi.impl.configuration.ConfigurationServiceImpl.log() org.jitsi.jicofo.BRIDGE_MUC=JvbBrewery@internal.auth.test.miodominio.locla

Jicofo 2020-03-31 18:42:28.594 INFORMAZIONI: [1] org.jitsi.xmpp.component.ComponentBase.log() Component org.jitsi.jicofo. config:

Jicofo 2020-03-31 18:42:28.594 INFORMAZIONI: [1] org.jitsi.xmpp.component.ComponentBase.log() ping interval: 10000 ms

Jicofo 2020-03-31 18:42:28.594 INFORMAZIONI: [1] org.jitsi.xmpp.component.ComponentBase.log() ping timeout: 5000 ms

Jicofo 2020-03-31 18:42:28.594 INFORMAZIONI: [1] org.jitsi.xmpp.component.ComponentBase.log() ping threshold:

It’s probably better if you use a separate thread for support of your instance. I can’t really help you and nobody will look at your problems here, based on the thread title.


Thanks I’ll try in another instance


  • Shibboleth authentication is working (again) after a specific patch made its way into Jicofo last week
  • We got streaming to work (using a patched Jibri) that points to our own Streaming Server
  • We also have recording working (uploading recordings to our own S3 storage)
  • System runs stable, we host around 1500 conferences per day

We and many of our customers are really happy about how good the system works!


We also built a simple “view” app, that wraps the Jitsi frame (using the external-js API) and removes most of the UI chrome (for example enabling audio/video) except for chat and hangup so that lecturers can use that to lecture and provide a “one way” video channel. This has been a mixed success, but it works.

I have been trying to wade through the posts to do this, please please make this available!

You might be looking for this: https://github.com/switch-ch/jitsi-deploy/tree/master/ansible/roles/view/templates

Hi Jens-Christian,

Do you have some weekly usage statics to share ?
And have you notice some issues with your Videobridge architecture (all bridge shared by all your front-end) ?

Best regards,
Damien (from RENATER the french NREN)

@jcfischer: Have you already tested the videobridge2? I had huge success and performance win with it. Okay I’ve just tested in a family and friends environment, but the user experience between jvb1 and jvb2 was significant.

We are using the nightly version of the videobridges, so yes, afaik, we are using the vb2.

Hi Jens Christian

Thanks for this story. I also started using Jitsi-Meet, but compared to your on a very small scale, at my workplace, a danish “højskole” with app. 350 students and staff. But then again I’m all alone in this endeavour. (Are you of danish descent with this first name, by the way? Er du dansk?)
And I absolutely agree with you . The project/product is great. The documentation is terrible…
When I know the whole system better I will consider to write some documentation that assembles info on the different parts, their function, configuration etc. I absolutely understand, that the developers, @damencho etc. are very busy as the interest for this project skyrockets:

Hans Otto Lunde, teacher/sysadmin at Egmont Højskolen

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I was asking because I looked at your ansible repo to get some insights and was confused because even you’re using the unstable/nightly repo, you’re installed the jitsi-videobridge package and not the jitsi-videobridge2 package (see here: https://github.com/switch-ch/jitsi-deploy/blob/master/ansible/roles/jitsi/tasks/packages.yml#L67). Afaik those are different packages and both are present in the debian unstable repository. So it looks to me you’re still using jvb1 and jvb2 looks like a big improvement.

# apt policy jitsi-videobridge
  Installed: (none)
  Candidate: 1132-1
  Version table:
     1132-1 500
        500 https://download.jitsi.org unstable/ Packages
# apt policy jitsi-videobridge2
  Installed: (none)
  Candidate: 2.1-164-gfdce823f-1
  Version table:
     2.1-164-gfdce823f-1 500
        500 https://download.jitsi.org unstable/ Packages

Don’t get me wrong. I like your story and it’s really cool to see jitsi in such a big installation and getting some insights. The docs and so are quite spreaded around :frowning:

Hi Damien

thanks for your service and all the work you did with the Shibboleth integration.

Since March 16th we had around 22’000 conferences with a total user minutes of around 1.9 million minutes. During weekdays we currently have around 1400-1600 conferences, with around 10% more each week compared to the previous week.

The setup we have with the shared videobridges seems to work really well - we have few problems.



Hi Hans, min mor er dansk og jeg boede naer København da jeg var barn, mange år siden.

The best thing regarding docs was to install the jitsi-meet server on a fresh machine and see what it did to the configurtation. That and looking at the post-install scripts as well as the docker installation. After a couple of weeks, we now have a pretty solid understanding of the pieces and how they fit together.


oh - thanks for pointing that out, we will take a look :slight_smile:

Indeed - we are using the VB version 1132 from January :frowning: - time for yet another upgrade :slight_smile:

It will be interesting to hear the difference it makes after upgrading such a vital part.

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Did you already do the upgrade? I’d be interested to hear how much it improved things

We heard comments on general improvments in larger video conferences. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to measure the increase in quality numerically, but based on the anecdotal evidence, it seems that people see better conferences.

We are seeing slightly higher "satisfaction’ ratings in our callstats.io dashboard but I’m not enough of a statistican to check if those are significant.

I am having similar responses over here. People “feel” the conferences work better especially with more participants, but this could also be other settings I am experimenting with.

The update was easy enough, so I didn’t really bother to check first. :slight_smile: