Jitsi for school

Hi there,
I am a teacher at a German school with roughly 1000 students and teachers.
We have to do online schooling due to the corona crises. I want to use jitsi, but people keep telling me, the quality is bad when having 20+ students in a chat.
Is this a client problem or a server problem?
If it is a server problem, I could try to get money to set up our own jitsi server, but what is the system requirement for a 1000 user server? Unfortunately they will all be online at the same time in 30-35 groups of 30.



I run https://meet.teamcloud.work currently for schools and businesses to use free of charge. We are based in Germany. We do have a lot of capacity available and you are free to use the platform with as many people as you like. We already have large groups at the moment and we’re getting good feedback.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Niclas,
thanks a lot.
I will test it in the next couple of days.
Greeetings, Roland

Yes, why do you say that you are ‘based in Germany’ while your impressum makes it clear that you are a british company ?

Server and people are based in Germany. I’m using my company, which is registered in the United Kingdom, as a point of contact and legal owner.

I meant to say that our server is located in Germany, which might be relevant for someone thinking about using the service.

Great, if you don’t mind my idle curiosity, whois database keeps most info private about your domain but the registration date (19 march 2020) and the registrant country, so why pick Panama ? are the domain price really interesting there ?

I’m not sure why it says Panama. We register most names through Namecheap and supply them with our UK Address. Maybe this is due to their WHOIS Privacy, but really not sure.

HI, that’s a very generous offer and interesting setup. Do you mind sharing technical details of your server install and any special customizations or configuration you’ve done (not in detail) ?

Do you have an idea of the ongoing mothly cost, including bandwitdth ? Initial hardware cost ?

As a U.K. company you fall under the (devastating) data privacy laws of the U.K.
The location of your servers is totally irrelevant here - you still can be forced by U.K. law enforcement to disclose information (without notifying your customers). Unfortunately (thanks, Brexit) U.K. companies can’t be DSVGO compliant.

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The UK is currently in a transitionary period, meaning two data protection laws apply, GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018, which is the UK implementation of GDPR. When UK businesses are no longer subject to GDPR (after the transitionary period), our offerings will be switched to a EU based subsidiary for EU users to guarantee user privacy.

We are still subject to EU laws and are operating under GDPR.

For frequent use, you can setup your own server.
If you would like to setup Jitsi for your college or school, contact us at info@sarchy.online Also check our description about Jitsi at https://docs.google.com/document/d/159LpKxZEiAU9XcY0qQZD5R-r63Y7Mn9GIlXYa0FhiP0/edit?usp=sharing

Thank you very much for the contribution!. I would like to know how many people can participate in a meeting. Is there a limit of participants? Regards.


We don’t impose a limit on users.

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