Jitsi for Podcasting // Multitrack Recording

I am thinking about using jitsi for recording podcasts (like zencastr: https://zencastr.com/). The most important requirement is to record the audio tracks of the 2-4 participants in individual tracks (preferably FLAC format).

Does anyone know any solution to do so?

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@damencho do you have any idea?

There is a local recording option you can enable on your deployment: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/41ba6b1cb77af61ff75e5b814a5eaf5ca735be5a/config.js#L413

And does that record one audio track for the whole meeting or can I record each speaker individually?

It asks every speaker to record and then the resulting file needs to be sent from every participant to the organizer, this is what I remember was that (I had never used it :)).

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Worked perfectly, THX!

I also tried to enable livestreaming via youtube. I entered a valid stream key (that works in Open Broadcast Studio) and entered it in jitsi. But I got en error message that the stream could not be started.

Question: should yt-livestream work when enabled in the config or do I have to install jibri in addition?

That is correct, you need jibri.

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