Jitsi for meditation during Covid19 isolation and after

With all isolated in Italy, I’m thinking to create virtual rooms where people can go and meditate.
The basic idea is that at corporate level I can schedule a meeting at a time and I can nudge people to join. The meeting is a jitsi meet where:

  • a youtube video is linked automatically
  • all the people are muted and cannot unmute up to the end of the meditation
  • at the scheduled time the youtube starts playing without any human intervention
  • at a specific time, the meeting ends

I want to know how is it possible. I’m looking for some parameters to meet.jit.si where I can instruct it. Today I tried to do all the things by hands and I discovered that I have to be unmuted to play the audio of the youtube channel. If I muted on my side, even the video muted. How it comes?

Do you have suggestions for the use case?

I don’t get what automatic linking to a youtube video means.

I also think all of the other conditions cannot be met with current Jitsi implementation, unfortunately. It is not how it is possible but that is not (yet) possible.