Jitsi for big webinars

Dear All,
I would like to understand if it is possible to use jitsi to host a web meeting/webinar with ~500 participants.

Thank you in advance

We gave up with far less than 100 participants as the complete session had been continuously terminated when participant number n has joined the conference (with 45 < n < 60).

Do you really need to have 500 participants talk to each other (and see each other)?
For lecture like events you should either stream your conference to a streaming server or use a system dedicated to lectures (BigBlueButton or OpenMeeting would be candidates).

that’s interesting, would you mind to tell a bit more about your setup? do you know if it was due to lack of server-performance (cpu / ram) or bandwidth issues?
did you succeed in having sessions with 45 people all with audio / video enabled?

The browser of the moderator gave up which had terminated the complete session.

Again and again, we have seen the increasing number of participants … and somewhere between 45 and 60 participants, browser session and the complete conference died.

If its a webinar, I presume only the hosts needs to have their camera working, So using the Iframe API why not create a page where the participant joins muted audio / video and hide the Microphone and Camera buttons along with the Film strip?

That way no thumbnails should be visible, everyone’s mics are muted / video is muted so active participant would be the host.

I also tried with one option and that seemed to work for me.

interfaceConfigOverwrite: {

    'closedcaptions', 'fullscreen',
    'fodeviceselection', 'hangup',  'chat', 
    'invite', 'security'

configOverwrite: { startWithAudioMuted: true,

    startWithVideoMuted: true,
    prejoinPageEnabled: false,

Is this using iframe and jitsi script ? Where did u update the details

Can you share the code

I do it via iframe, you can also change those setting in your config files if thats how you wish to use your server permanently.