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Apologies if I am posting this in the wrong section.

I have been a Jitsi desktop user for years. I put the Alpha version for Android on my tablet and it works reasonably well but with no video. In both instances I am using SIP.

A few months ago, I thought I would give it a go on my Blackberry Priv (Android) phone using my SIP account. It installed perfectly but it will not go online. I get an error message saying that there is probably an internal application error and to report it to the developers (at an email address which is no longer active).

I keep playing around with the settings from time to time to see if I can crack it but have not had success.

I can confirm that my SIP account works perfectly well on the Blackberry for making VOIP phone calls so the problem must be to do with the Jitsi app.

Does anyone have any ideas. Is it working for anyone on an Android phone?



The old Jitsi Android app was abandoned years ago.

We have since focused our efforts in Jitsi Meet, for which we also provide an Android app, but they are not exactly the same thing.


Thanks for the reply.

I realise that development of the Jitsi Android app has been discontinued. However, I do think it still has some merit.

I have Jitsi Meet on all of my devices as well but it is not quite so practical in many instances because you can’t really make or receive random spur of the moment calls to or from contacts. You have to agree a time in advance and then go through all the rigmarole of starting a meeting session, e-mailing the link to the contact(s) and then waiting for them to receive it and connect.

With Jitsi desktop and its Android version, it’s like using the phone. You just dial the contact and, as long as they have Jitsi running on their device(s), the app will ring and they can answer.

I push Jitsi Desktop at friends as being a very much better and more secure option than Skype or any of the other similar applications, none of which I have ever had anything to do with and never will. The desktop version works perfectly.

The Android version runs adequately on my Android tablet ( an elderly HP Slate 10 which will not upgrade beyond Android 4.4) but I can only get audio; video has never worked. My Blackberry Priv phone is currently on Android 6.0.1 and I suspect the problem with the phone is that Jitsi Android is just not compatible with the later versions of Android and so it will never work but it is always worth checking on the forums in case someone out there knows otherwise.

A word about Jitsi Meet. Another reason why Desktop Jitsi is still worthwhile is that lots of my contacts are still on ADSL or FTTC (hybrid fibre/copper wire) connections and the speed and connection quality is generally just inadequate to support a Jitsi Meet call. Video rarely works and the sound quality is terrible.

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While your points are all valid, Jitsi Meet is where we focus our efforts and that won’t change. Jitsi Desktop is community maintained, and I believe there a maintained for of jitsi-android that I forgot the name of :-/


Found it! https://github.com/cmeng-git/atalk-android


Many thanks for the link. I’ll spend some time browsing there and maybe post a question.