Jitsi for an event

Hi there, I organise an online event over 4 days with online conferences almost the entire day. Would you recommend it for such an event of 500 to 1000 participants? How many participants are possible with Jitsi? Thanks and kind regards priska

It depends on a lot of things, for example if you have different conference rooms/tracks and the users per room are less, you can do it. 500 to 1000 people in a single Jitsi Meet room is not possible at the moment.

You can have 100-200 per room, with a lot of custom settings (resolution, audio/video mute, lastN).

The other option is to use the Jitsi Meet room(s) only for the speakers (the floor) and send all the non-speaking participants to watch a live stream of the room.

It also depends if you are talking about your own deployment (where you put your own limitations) or you are asking about the limitation of the limitation of the public jitsi service like meet.jit.si (there you have a limit on people in the same room, currently it’s 50)