Jitsi_flutter Iframe, how to customize or remove few of the options from jisti Iframe

Jitsi_flutter iFrame I’m using in mobile application, but there we have so many options like - Lobby mode, YouTube video sharing and even Controls on everyone’s camera and microphones, so is there any option to disable those things, basically I don’t want those options and not getting any option to remove that??
Please help me on this.

Are u using jitsi_meet plug in or the iframe in a flutter web app?

Clarify in order to help you

Iframe in Futter Mobile app, not web.

Use this

Now if you want to not to show buttons look for the config.js file in your server.

If u use iframe you can use configOverride

Check the iframe handbook

Would be helpful if u share your code to see your implementation and help

im using iframe - so where will I see the configOverride?
Here is my code snippet

String serverUrl = serverText.text.trim().isEmpty ? null : serverText.text;
Map<FeatureFlagEnum, bool> featureFlags = {
FeatureFlagEnum.WELCOME_PAGE_ENABLED: false,
if (true) {
if (Platform.isAndroid) {
// Disable ConnectionService usage on Android to avoid issues (see README)
featureFlags[FeatureFlagEnum.CALL_INTEGRATION_ENABLED] = false;
featureFlags[FeatureFlagEnum.CALL_INTEGRATION_ENABLED] = false;
featureFlags[FeatureFlagEnum.ADD_PEOPLE_ENABLED] = false;
featureFlags[FeatureFlagEnum.CALENDAR_ENABLED] = false;
featureFlags[FeatureFlagEnum.CALL_INTEGRATION_ENABLED] = false;
featureFlags[FeatureFlagEnum.CLOSE_CAPTIONS_ENABLED] = false;
featureFlags[FeatureFlagEnum.CHAT_ENABLED] = true;
featureFlags[FeatureFlagEnum.INVITE_ENABLED] = false;
featureFlags[FeatureFlagEnum.IOS_RECORDING_ENABLED] = false;
featureFlags[FeatureFlagEnum.LIVE_STREAMING_ENABLED] = false;
featureFlags[FeatureFlagEnum.MEETING_NAME_ENABLED] = false;
featureFlags[FeatureFlagEnum.MEETING_PASSWORD_ENABLED] = false;
featureFlags[FeatureFlagEnum.PIP_ENABLED] = false;
featureFlags[FeatureFlagEnum.RAISE_HAND_ENABLED] = false;
featureFlags[FeatureFlagEnum.RECORDING_ENABLED] = false;
featureFlags[FeatureFlagEnum.TILE_VIEW_ENABLED] = false;
featureFlags[FeatureFlagEnum.TOOLBOX_ALWAYS_VISIBLE] = false;
featureFlags[FeatureFlagEnum.WELCOME_PAGE_ENABLED] = false;
} else if (Platform.isIOS) {
// Disable PIP on iOS as it looks weird
featureFlags[FeatureFlagEnum.PIP_ENABLED] = false;
// Define meetings options here
var options = JitsiMeetingOptions(room: roomid)
…serverURL = serverUrl
…subject = subjectname
…userDisplayName = Constant.StudentName
…userEmail = emailText.text
…iosAppBarRGBAColor = iosAppBarRGBAColor.text
…audioOnly = isAudioOnly
…audioMuted = isAudioMuted
…videoMuted = isVideoMuted
…webOptions = {
“roomName”: roomid,
“width”: “100%”,
“height”: “100%”,
“enableWelcomePage”: false,
“chromeExtensionBanner”: null,
“userInfo”: {“displayName”: nameText.text}

have got only this much controls to customise the Iframe, wanna disable lobby mode, youtube vide sharing and controls on the audio and video.

In your meeting defining area créate a variable for override config … read this

Look for override options

configOverwrite and interfaceConfigOverwrite

This is for web… right?


but im using for Mobile app

You said you are using iframe … read it and round out.

Hi, @Edgar_Osorio

I have same issue with SDK

Can you give me an idea what I should have into consideration?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

oh, im sorry I missed I guess, but im using Jitsi_flutter for mobile,… so is there any option to disable those things,

I don’t know that widget (its not listed in pub.dev) I would recommend you use this widget jitsi_meet | Flutter Package

Hey Edgar, actually I m trying Jitsi_meet on iOS, so basic setup says to disable the bitcode, have done that and its working on simulator, but on real device its still asking to disable bitcode. please help me on this…