Jitsi external api and reading information provided in jwt token in other component

I am using JitsiMeetExternalAPI in options I am providing JWT token, everything works fine with authorization - I am able to join room. In JWT payload I am providing several things in user section:
“context”: {
“user”: {
“avatar”: “https:/gravatar.com/avatar/abc123”,
“name”: “John Doe”,
“email”: “jdoe@example.com”,
“id”: “idIwantToRead”
“group”: “a123-123-456-789”
“aud”: “my_server1”,
“iss”: “my_web_client”,
“sub”: “meet.jit.si”,
“room”: “bb”,
“exp”: 1618823937
I checked that “id” is some identifier for statistics. I tried to log statsId for Endpoint in JVB component, but even if I set it in JWT token it was logged as null in JVB. What should I do to have this id available in JVB component? I need it to identify user even in case endpointId or username changed.
Is it possible or is there some other known option to provide some parameter to identify user in jvb by some impossible to change param (so other than endpointId, displayName) ?