Jitsi.example.com not working on local area network computer

Hello people, I’m not able to access jitsi.example.com which is hosted on my PC on the same network but with different PC. I’m getting this on my other PC in the same network

POST http://jitsi.example.com:5280/http-bind net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

can anybody help what should be changed for it to be made available for access on other system on the same network.

How are you hosting Jitsi on your laptop? As a container or a virtual machine for example?

This might not your issue but depending on how your jisti instance is connecting to the network, your internal laptop might not have access the jitsi instance. I have had this issue myself with Linux and VMs.

Actually I have a working client on my laptop say for example with IP (,Everything is working fine on that system and I’m able to use all features and video conferencing. I just want my other system(**) to access the same from different system on the same network, but its not happening.

My goal is that I wanted a videoconferencing to happen over my LAN.


I think the issue is resolving the host name?

Is the issue that you are trying to access the jitsi server from two different computers, one can connect and the other cannot?

Can both computers resolve the hostname of the jitsi server if you run “nslookup jitsi.example.com” ?

Is your “jitsi.example.com” a fully qualified domain name which is registered in the internet? Or in your network’s DNS server (if your network has one) ? By asking this I am trying to determine how computers on your network can resolve “jitsi.example.com” to its IP address.

If the above does not work, then using fake IP Addresses, etc, can you explain exactly what you are trying to achieve, please? For example where is the jitsi server (and what is its IP Address), how it is hosted, where are the computers (network) which can and cannot connect to your jitsi server.

1stly my jitsi.example.com is not registered on internet its just a normal quick install which I have done.
2ndly what I’m trying to achieve is simple, I just wanted to access the same domain name from my other systems which are connected to the same network in which my quick installed system is in .
example : is the system in which I have followed quick install.
so now, from I wanted to access the same domain name for a video conference with using jitsi.example.com .
And next about the server its on the same system


I wonder how much do you know about DNS, Domain names, and host files?

I tend to think that all you need to do is manually to add your “jitsi.example.com” domain name and its IP address into the hosts file of any computer which you want to access your jitsi server from. (does this make sense to you?)

I expect that you may know more about DNS, Domain names, and host files than myself, so apologies if by above suggestion is too simplistic. However if you are not familiar with DNS, etc, please let me know and maybe I can give you a few suggestions to try?

To my stupidity I had a mistake in system32/hosts file where I had made a mistake. Now I’m able to connect but there is no auido/video its just a blank screen.


Mistakes are easy to do, I usually make several errors and have to find and fix each of them, one at a time.

When you say “no audio/video”, does this mean you can enter a meeting room, and you can send messages via Chat ?

It might be as simple as you have not allowed your web browser to let the jitsi web page have access to your microphone/webcam.


I did allow my video and audio and my local video is visible on both ends, and yes I’m able to join the room but without any media communication between the two clients.

when I checked the logs I had this error

Failed to execute ‘postMessage’ on ‘Worker’: Failed to convert value to ‘object’.

I have not had that error myself. I have exhausted my knowledge, hopefully when others are online they can help.

The only think I can suggest is to get that websockets are configured correctly as in:

See also

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