Jitsi Embedd custom html website into the call

Hey, so basically, this would be similar to sharing a youtube video but instead embedding a custom website, in my case a Webplayer receiving a low latency high quality stream and a backend called nimble Mediaengine,

I want to be able to have people enter a room where a livestream is playing, think of it as going into different rooms where everyone can watch and talk about a livestream.

-I have the HTML5/Javascript webplayer that is working fine.
-Just need to have that open inside of jitsi(selfhosted) instead of youtube

Anyone has some pointers on how to do this, would be greatly appreciated.

Sharing a browser tab with audio may be a solution.

This topic may be a second option

thx, I need to run the stream natively in my own player without reeconding so all options like ndi or virtual webcams are out of the question, as I need to push 25mbit vp9 for each stream , target audience is small private group for review of high quality live camera feeds.

I mocked up a prototype here by just using embedded jitsi in a iframe and my player side by side here www.finn.wtf