Jitsi Electron does not recognise Chrome


I installed jitsi meet electron on my mac (apple chip, Monterey). When I try to create a meeting, it asks me to install Chrome or Firefox, however I have both on my mac.
I tried to install jitsi Chrome plugin, it does not resolve the issue.
Any advices?


Welcome to the forum.

You can ignore that prompt. It’s actually prompting you to install a Chrome extension (not browser) for Calendar (and Microsoft Office) integration. If you don’t need that integration, you don’t have to install it. Either way, it doesn’t stop you from creating or joining a meeting.

Thanks for your answer.
Although I did not understand. The app is blocked here. How can I ignore it?

Ah, the electron app is probably not supported on your version of Mac yet. You’ll need to run the meeting in a browser.

My problem is that I need remote desktop control. So I need to install electron…

I could finally install the application on another computer.
However I still can not use remote desktop.
Remot controll feature does not existe any more?

You can read more here: GitHub - jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron: Jitsi Meet desktop application powered by

You can download the code and change it and enable it for your build … and having in mind the risks running that build.