Jitsi Electron Client

I had been using the Jitsi Electron client (GitHub - jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron: Jitsi Meet desktop application powered by) on Ubuntu to my self-hosted Jitsi Meet server for a long time. I just updated my Jitsi Meet server instance to 2.0.6293 (2021-09-10).

The new server works perfectly if I run meetings through my Chrome/Brave browser. However, if I use the Jitsi Electron Client for Linux noted above which used to work, when I join any meeting, I get a white screen and the Jitsi Electron client seems to lock up. I tried the Jitsi Electron Client on Windows to the new Jitsi Meet server and it still works. The problem appears to be with the Jitsi Electron Client for Linux. I am running the Electron Client on Ubuntu desktop 20.04LTS.

I have come to prefer the electron client to using a web instance. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Same problem here with electron 2021.12.2 andjitsi-meet 2.0.6726-1
Did you find any solution?

Ah, just found it. Use the source, Luke:

Just delete the old config in ~/.config/Jitsi\ Meet/