Jitsi electron autostart from jitsi meet


Can jitsi meet can open jitsi electron is this one is installed on the desktop ?

I didn’t find anything like this.

Thank you


I’m not sure if this feature is currently built into the Jitsi Meet web client.

Assuming it isn’t, it is technically possible to create your own landing page that attempts to load the Electron app if it is available, or redirect to the web client if it isn’t.

Here’s a Proof-of-Concept link → Jitsi Meet Desktop App Redirect - POC

Details in the following post:

Here is the recipe for MacOS:

  1. Install Finicky app
  2. Use this config for it.

Not an ideal solution. This means all users will need to install that app and set it as their default browser. This is an even greater burden than Jitsi places on users.

It can, but it needs custom code inside jitsi-meet and in the electron app running.
The hook is here: jitsi-meet/openDesktopApp.js at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

I wish I could edit my comment to say "Here is a quick and dirty way for those who do not mind to install an additional piece of software:… " :smiley: