Jitsi electron app cannot connect behind whonix

I am using jitsi Appimage on my linux vm. It works okay when connected from normal net.

But if my vm is behind whonix network then jitsi AppImage fails to connect to any room. Below is a screenshot:

In the past I’ve been successful in joining a room behind whonix but recently this error shows up.

My Jitsi AppImage Version: 2022.4.1
Operating System: Whonix-Workstation-XFCE

We don’t set that header IIRC. Is that some kind of automated thing whonix might do? I’m not familiar with that OS.

I couldn’t understand what you mean by this.

My Jitsi Appimage is running in a normal xubuntu vm but all it’s traffic is routed via whonix gateway cli vm. I don’t think whonix adds anything to a http request but I’m not sure.

We (meet.jit.si) don’t set X-Frame-Options: sameorigin because that would prevent using iframes, which we support.

If things work when you don’t enable whonix then there is your answer. Some security things think X-Frame-Options other than sameorigin is unsafe, but it isn’t if your intention is to be embedded in the first place.