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I’ve noted the mute / unmute feature requirement thats specifically for schools. Can we build a list of features that are really need for acedmia here?


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Thanks for starting this topic. Why use Google Docs (a proprietary service) ? This limits participation and the document may disappear.

Can you list such specs here instead ? This way others can also participate and discuss without depending on a Google service.

I’ve found all features in Jitsi Meet can match most requirements, I’ll gladly help find such matches or request features in the bug tracker if something can be useful to all.

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Sounds good. I’m not fussed about it. Perhaps the best way is to create a list of links to expansive discussions of each feature.

One big topic to link to those is not bad either. I have kids at school in both elementary and high-school. Here are a few needs / problems I’ve seen come up often:

  • Schedule in advance and “reserve” rooms
  • Restrict participant’s nicknames so they aren’t abused with “inappriopriate content” or avatars
  • Quick toggle front/back camera on mobile
  • Pre-select a few participants as moderators and have them always at the top of the thumbnails show on the side
  • Ability to quickly invite a guest without any registration
  • Ability to quickly create a free, non-restricted meeting by anyone - particularly confusing when many commercial providers only goal is making money, and you don’t understand anyone can self-host Jitsi Meet.
  • Ability to have a “master view” dashboard indicating all ongoing meetings, moderators and participants

One important advantage of Jitsi Meet is the ability to develop new improvements for anything that may be missing. Jitsi Meet is particularly well suited for this, you may need to know how to do it (spend time to learn, money to buy hardware/hosting) or have resources (money to pay someone) to do it. It’s a different approach from non-free, proprietary software that is difficult to understand if you’ve never come across Free software before.

Regarding understanding use of Free software in Education and why self-hosting is essential in schools, these links may help :

As a responce to COVID our shcool is doing more home based learning via managed chromebooks. In an educational situation working with minors a richer set of moderations tools is needed. A teaher is working in a video session with a group of students. In each grade the students are capable to taking on different ranges of responsiblities. It would be ideal if Jitsi and Videobridge could support a range of moderation tools to support the needs of each grade level.

Our school teaches language. Language is taught both in the classroom and with online video.
Its very important for the moderator/teacher to be able to mute and unmute particpipants. Offering a prompt to accept that mutiing will controlled by the moderator in each session, or a more broad control that recognized the teacher/moderator that is present in successive meetings.

The ability for a moderater to close a meeting at the end of a session is important for our school. We want the teacher to be ablle to moderate these sessions. Its important that sessions not be left open without an adult moderator.

Gord Holtslander

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Except the unmute property, the others are possible using Jitsi with some minor modifications. Do you have an already running learning management system (like Moodle) or a custom login panel for students and teachers?

The school has taken the strategy of using Google chromebooks and GSuite. We are using Google Gsuite/Workplace to manage devices use and policy and teaching via Google classroom. Staff and students have been provided with chromebooks managed withing GSuite… If its possible to authenticate against a set of our managed Google IDs I could use that. Otherwise I would have to set up an authentication system.

The un-muting issue is important. I am working in a small independent First Nations School in Canada. The language is very important and is taught from Kindergarten. The precautions against Covid are presenting complicating issues. Students come to school every other day. The days the students are at home, they are taught remotely via chromebooks. If there is a covid case within in the school all teaching would be done remotely.

In these situations, parents will assist their child in working remotely. Each teacher is working with a few young children. Its very important in the language lessons that the teacher be able to quickly and effectively give each student a turn to speak. An un-mute feature would be an effective tool in this situation. If un-mute isn’t possible perhaps a very obvious and simple prompt/tool to unmute could suffice.

Thank you for the feedback. Much appreciated

Gord Holtslander

This can be added but not officially supported. See the following

Remote participant microphone controls (mute / unmute)

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