Jitsi EC2 IP address


First of all, thank you for an amazing piece of software.

I’m trying to get it up and running using the quick guide, and I have it installed in an EC2 instance. I noticed, however, that even though I have an EIP associated with the interface, and trying all possible combinations of


and adding my EIP as public and instance IP in local, over 10000 private IP is still the one being used.

I’ve also tried org.ice4j.ice.harvest.BLOCKED_ADDRESSES=instance_private_ip but that doesn’t even allow communications to happen.

I have also configured a second IP address as per https://easyscale.net/aws-ec2-ubuntu-18-04-secondary-ip-with-netplan/. When selecting the EIP as the public and the instance IP as the private, it just didn’t work.

Has anyone figured out a way to have the EIP being the only one being broadcasted/used?

You need both.

So I can’t hide the instance private IP?

I don’t think so.

Ah, OK. That’s interesting. I would assume that by having a second IP associated with a NIC there would be a way of forcing Jitsi to use that.

It’s not a huge issue but I’d rather not have the internal IP schema known.