Jitsi dynamic user and pw creating

Hello altogether,

we are selfhosting Jitsi and we would like to set up the following. My question, is there a way to do so?

  • We want to avoid guest users to set up a room and to start a online conversation.

  • We would like to implement jitsi as some sort of support tool, where users of our software can set up jitsi rooms inside our tool, which are restricted for invited external users who just got the link.


  • User from our tool, sets up a jitsi room with a random name / link
  • The User is able to open the room (no one else)
  • The User can Setup a password for others with the integrated password function inside jitsi, but he need not to.
  • The User can send a link to the room to others he wants to give support to.

Any ideas for such a scenario? Would be thankful for any hints and help.