Jitsi double a user that create an echo

I am using Jitsi with my team since 2 month and everything is pretty great but we have a persistant bug which is a user being doubled in one of the room we used. It can be on Safari or Chrome, I could screenshot the latest exemple.
When the person mic is open everyone hears an echo of himself talking in the room and the person checked everywhere to see if he had another instance open and only one Jitsi window was. After kicking the double the problem persisted.
I joined the meeting from https://meet.jit.si/NameOfTheRoom. While they were all on the integrated Jitsi Iframe API from our website

In green the real person, in red the double.

Here is the Jisti config used :

  const initIframeAPI = () => {
      const domain = 'meet.jit.si';
      const options = {

          roomName: "Exemple/{{room.name}}",
          parentNode: document.querySelector('#meet'),
          interfaceConfigOverwrite: {
              MOBILE_APP_PROMO: false,
              SHOW_CHROME_EXTENSION_BANNER: false,
                  disableKick: true,
                  googleAnalyticsTrackingId: 'UA-12345678-1',
                enabled: false
              disableRemoteMute: true,
              prejoinPageEnabled: false,
              enableWelcomePage: false,
              hideConferenceSubject: true,
              hideConferenceTimer: true,
              disableDeepLinking: true,
              toolbarButtons: ['microphone', 'chat', 'desktop','camera', 'tileview', 'fullscreen', 'select-background', 'settings'],

      api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);
      api.executeCommand('displayName', "{{user.get_full_name|safe}}");

Any help is welcome (I don’t have the logs or any other screenshot…).

Thank you

In the html it is obvious both participants have different ids, which means there are two xmpp connections no the server, so for some reason the problem user opened two connections, this can easily happen if you open two tabs of the app or something like that.

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