Jitsi doesn't start

I’m using Google Chrome version 80.0.3987.149. In advance I must say that my PC has … a lot of problem, so the problem I faced in Jitsi can depend on my PC and not to the app.
I enter in https://jitsi.org/ and the click on “start a call”. In the new page I insert the title and click “go”. Immediately I receive a message in attachement that remain also if I confim the share of webcam and microfone. So I can’t go any further.
Can you help me understand what I can do ?

Hi, I’m having this same problem, would appreciate any help.

this forum is for the desktop program not the web site.
desktop does sip, xmpp …

buen dia tengo problemas al iniciar jitsi me aparece en el administrador de tareas pero no me aparece como tal el programa para usarlo