Jitsi does not display virtual webcams on camera icon at bottom toolbar. Virtual webcams can only be set in Settings>Camera

I did not like how resource intensive screen sharing in Jitsi was, so I decided to feed my content as a camera input for Jitsi, using OBS virtual Camera.
I was surprised, Jitsi could not find my virtual cameras, neither on the desktop version nor the web version. All other programs on the other hand found the virtual webcams.
After hours of pondering, here is my feedback.

→ The user interface before selecting a camera

→ Sadly, almost all of the cameras display the message “Preview not available”. I have many virtual cameras from different software. Check the last screenshot though

→ Settings >Camera>Select Camera appears to be the correct pattern for choosing a camera. It took me days to figure this out, mainly because I wanted to output my OBS stream as a camera input for Jitsi.

This did not use to happen as far as I remember, I could always switch between cameras from the bottom toolbar. Sadly I experience this same challenge on the web version of Jitsi Meet.

Hopefully it’s a small glitch that can be fixed.

What resolution does your virtual camera have?

Well 720p 1080p I can’t tell. One sure thing though is I can’t select my virtual cameras from the welcome screen. I must enter Settings