Jitsi docker setup no sound, no video

I am using Self-Hosting Guide - Docker stable-8319 release, connections through the browser work fine, but when connecting through a mobile app written in flutter the user cannot hear or see other users. At the same time when using https://meet.jit.si/ from the same app on flutter everything works fine. What can be the reason ?

When you are tearing through the browser are 3 participants working?

I checked this, with more than 2 users in a room the same problem occurs

This means media is not reaching jvb from public address to jvb on port UDP 10000.

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Give this topic a look:

Thank you for your help, opening JVB_PORT improved the situation. Now >2 clients are working via web browser and also web + android.
But still no sound from microphone and video:

web+ios, works fine on your servers (https://meet.jit.si/)

What can be the reason ?