[Jitsi-Docker] Not able to run Jitsi-Meet on Subdomain only

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I have installed the docker-jitsi according to the readme.

In the .env file I have edited following line:

# Directory where all configuration will be stored.

# Exposed HTTP port.

# Exposed HTTPS port.

# System time zone.

# Public URL for the web service.
  • I have removed the config folder prior to docker-compose up -d
  • It is a new server, no nginx running, which could interfere with the jitsi-docker
  • Letsencrypt is not activated yet, because I want to fix the the subdomain problem before
  • Subdomain is created and has a DNS A entry to the IP of the server.

When I go to myurl.c om (instead of the subdomain entered in the .env!) - Jitsi is present. When I go to any subdomain (meet.myurl.c om , test.myurl.c om , notExistingSubdomain.myurl.c om), jitsi is present too.

How to I set up the .env (or any other file), that Jitsi docker is reacting only on meet.myurl.com ?

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I am having the exactly the same issue. Setup is jitsi-docker on a root server that uses nginx to proxy jitsi to the world.

When I set up the proxy on the main domain it works properly. When I set it up it on the subdomain it doesn’t - the web interface loads only half way. Funnily the iOS app seems to work with the subdomain, the main issue is with the web interface.

Edit: I realize it’s not the same issue really, just the same headline and jitsi setup… For me it doesn’t work anymore when it’s a separate subdomain.

I can see that this hasn’t been answered for more than year.
I’ve bumped in same issue, Jitsi can be accessed without subdomain which is configured in .env file, browser complains that certificate is for incorrect domain but Jitsi can be accessed by that way.
I use docker version also.
Would be possible to use external redirect?