[Jitsi-Docker] Not able to run Jitsi-Meet on Subdomain only

(sorry, as a new user, I was only allowed to add 2 links, so I added a space in the URL.)

I have installed the docker-jitsi according to the readme.

In the .env file I have edited following line:

# Directory where all configuration will be stored.

# Exposed HTTP port.

# Exposed HTTPS port.

# System time zone.

# Public URL for the web service.
  • I have removed the config folder prior to docker-compose up -d
  • It is a new server, no nginx running, which could interfere with the jitsi-docker
  • Letsencrypt is not activated yet, because I want to fix the the subdomain problem before
  • Subdomain is created and has a DNS A entry to the IP of the server.

When I go to myurl.c om (instead of the subdomain entered in the .env!) - Jitsi is present. When I go to any subdomain (meet.myurl.c om , test.myurl.c om , notExistingSubdomain.myurl.c om), jitsi is present too.

How to I set up the .env (or any other file), that Jitsi docker is reacting only on meet.myurl.com ?

Many thanks in advanced!
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