Jitsi docker multi jvbs and load balancing

Hello to all of you guys and girls,
First of all I wanted to thank you all for doing such a great job with jitsi!
Especially these times jitsi is the best solution for thousands of peolpe to come together and communicate
Thanks for everything really!

We are trying with my fellows to set up a safe and easy way for the elders and students to communicate against corona virus carantine
We are trying to build a system that will help elders to communicate with doctors and students with their teachers in Greece.

Last week we managed to set up a jisti server with jitsi meet container
It is working great! Now the difficult part is to scale up so we can host some e-classes from 20 to 50 participants.
Thats why we are very interested to scale up asap
Because I am a little noob to this I would like some guidance to:

  1. make multiple jvbs per jitsi server (or the best solution is to have the jvbs in different machine?), but I couldn’t find something easy for dockers,
    It would be great if you guide my how to set multiple jvbs in docker
    or you thing is better to use the stadart version for scaling up?

  2. I will also would need the same guintance or help to set load balancing with a floating IP

The real question is how we can level up our jitsi server, what is the best approach for teleconference with multiple rooms at the same time or big number of participants in one of them (over 30)

p.s SIP configuration would be great for the elders to communicate through regular phones , do you thing there is an easy and safe way to manage to set up a SIP server for jigasi? and please advise some because especially SIP is a big black hole for us

Thank you for everything

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you can easily do a scalable Jitsi set up using Kubernetes

Hi @ swathikrishna_guru

Can you pls suggest some link where we can see all the required steps to do the things…

Thanks in advance