Jitsi-Docker + CoTurn-Docker offline network setup

Hi all,

I’m quite new to the self-hosting services, hope to get some help on my setup.
Currently my project is completely in an offline (no Internet access) network, with a dedicated server to host both jitsi-meet and coturn.
Jitsi: jitsi-meet-stable-6726-2
Coturn: coturn-docker 4.5.2

Due to corporate policies, both server and clients only have 443/TCP open. My focus is to get the screen-sharing feature only up and running.
I’m trying to follow this guide here [Setting up TURN | Jitsi Meet] however it seems to be catered for the manual installation.

Setup server-side:
A. I’ve changed the TURN_* variables in .env to the appropriate values for my coturn server (i.e. <coturn_domain:443>
B. Followed the coturn setup guide as described here [Settingup a Turn Server for Jitsi Meet - Meetrix.IO]

i. My clients are able to connect to the webpage, create conference calls and type in the chat function.
ii. Upon sharing of screen, the other participants are unable to view screen.
iii. As the user sharing screen, on hovering on the stats icon, it reads “Connection: Lost, Bitrate: NA/NA” and in my logs I can see ICE disconnecting from JVB.

I’m not sure where to start debugging. Hope to get some clarity. Thanks!

Before we go any further, why do you need TURN if your setup is fully offline?

Both client and server only has 443/TCP allowed through the firewall.
My assumption was that the only way to tunnel UDP traffic through 443 would be through a TURN sitting behind the server?

Please let me know if I’m on the right track!
Thanks in advance!

Having only TCP available will be very bad for quality, real time media really needs UDP.

Now, that said, in that scenario you are on the right track! We’ve made many screen-sharing fixes in the latest stable (7001) please update and test again.

I see, thanks! I will try again and update asap.
Just wondering if you know of any method to test if the TURN server is working correctly?