Jitsi docker container Windows AD 0: NO "authentication failed"

Dear Folks,
I am new to Jitsi, installed Jitsi meet using docker. Everything works as expected and able to do Video Conferencing.

Now I am trying to add authentication using existing Windows 2016 Active directory and followed the LDAP configuration example and updated the .env.

I have cleared the config folder ~/.jitsi-meet-cfg/ under docker host and up the docker with -d.

I can able to login to AD from Linux docker host, but unable to get authenticated from the docker container.

I tried to login into docker-jitsi-meet_prosody_1 and execute testsaslauthd -u username -p password -r realm, but getting 0: NO “authentication failed”

In the docker-compose log getting [reason=Unknown] error

Seek your valuable support to resolve this issue.

I have included consider_bosh_secure = true under /config/prosody.cfg.lua file, but still no improvement.

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