Jitsi Docker Configuration Folder

Hello everyone,

i setup a hosted jitsi docker container and everything is working fine. I just have a few questions about the “.jitsi-meet-cfg” folder.

  1. Is this folder necessary, or should it be deleted after running containers successfully?
  2. in this folder is a meet.conf and nginx.conf. If i do any changes there and restart the server, everythings gets overridden?! I thought i have to change the configs there?
  3. Sometimes i am a little bit confused about the configs. Same changes have to be made in the .“jitsi-meet-cfg” folder (ssl certificate for example", some have to made in docker folder?! Is there any clear route?

Sry in advance, maybe my questions are a little bit “dump”, but i want to understand the folder concept.

Thank u!

The folder is a volume that allows you to configure the container without entering it.

When changing the settings inside you change the settings of your container

So if i restart a container, it will override all files int .jtsi-meet-cfg, with the data, that lives into the container?