Jitsi Docker - cannot modify meet.conf (changes are lost on every restart)

Hi! Please help me to find the right way to change settings in .jitsi-meet-cfg/web/nginx/meet.conf
I want to see real user IPs in prosody, so I have to change proxy_set_header option and there is no way to set it via ENV.

Every time I restart web container - all the changes in this file are lost. So what is the right way to change meet.conf for web container?

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seems like docker-jitsi-meet/10-config at master · jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet · GitHub called during restart.

either you create custom-meet.conf and place directives there or, like me, create a custom build with difference being rootfs/defaults/meet.conf. or, modify 10-config inside your running web container and commit that into new image.