Jitsi Docker-based LDAP : moderator left no guest becomes a moderator and no user can be authenticated!

I setup Jisti docker based: Secure domain+guest+LDAP (openldab server)

I have these issues:

  1. when moderator left, no one of the guests becomes a moderator.
  2. when the person (who was moderator) join again the meeting, no message prompted asked him to authenticate. so He entered as guest too.
    as you below three peoples are guest no one is moderator

  1. when a guest tries to use his LDAP credential, He can not get authenticated against LDAP server using setting → profile → authenticate (no error appears on UI), there was some message on console below

  1. if the guest user clicks on cancel → user is sent to close page and leaves the conference (which is a bug in my opinion, cancel should cancel the login process, not the whole conference)

log message when guest tries to connect:

even if the log message in prosody shows as authenticated but He is not as you see in capture below:

Hi, anyone can have a look to this issue?

@saghul Could you look to this, it’s the same issue in github. It’s fixed!

the problem is appeared also with internal authentication, it seams it’s general problem.

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I have the same problem !

can confirm the problem. with enabled authentification, i cannot login as guest to become moderator and no moderator rights are granted if the current moderator leaves the conference.

i used the ubuntu packges, not docker, so it’s a general problem with the authentification/moderator system i think.

yes, it’s general problem, there is an open case in github, Jitsi team are aware about it.