Jitsi disconnects/reloads (probably due to Parsody permission problem)

[Ubuntu16.04, Apache2, jitsi-meet]

Hi, I’ve installed Jitsi-Meet on my server and the welcome screen shows up and allows me to create a conference room (albeit without a password at the moment) which I can ‘join’ from my laptop and phone. Though I am able to enter the room, neither connection is able to see the other (no video or text messages echo) and after a short period, they each get disconnected whereby a countdown timer commences to rejoin. I’ve seen this screen mentioned many times while trying to solve this problem.

The problem seems to be related to Prosody and a permission error its getting whilst attempting to access my Lets Encrypt keys. According to https://prosody.im/doc/certificates, I should be setting the permissions on my keys to 640 and root:parsody, but I really don’t like that and everything else on my server works fine with 600 and root:root.

I have no prior knowledge with either Jitsi nor Parsody, so I’m not sure how to proceed. Any suggestions on how to manage this securely? Cheers.

please use Ubuntu 18.04

Unfortunately, that’s not an option right now.

Permissions fixed (temporarily) by copying the certificates from ./letsencrypt into ./parsody/certs and adjusting permissions there.
With the permissions fixed, the disconnect/reconnect problem had to do with the various js files having the incorrect domain in them. When I originally installed Jitsi-Meet, I mistakenly used the hostname in the configuration settings. I updated all these with the correct domain and now I’m not being booted from the meeting room.
I still have the video/audio to fix up, though messages (and ‘raise hand’ are working).