Jitsi Develpment some. Extra Features

Dear All Developers
I need some modification on Jitsi and see that you send your email as
Jitsi developer so I need to know the possibility of these
developments with price and time to develop:

1- Have Option for Moderator which force participants when they going
to unmute ask for permission from moderator, ( I mean when moderator
set this option, after that when participant are going to unmute then
notify the moderator on thumbnail of that participant to allow him for
unmute or not, if allow participant unmute)

2- Webinar Mode: in this option which should be beside the options
like start muted, we should have Webinar mode option.

In this option the participants can not see each other and just can
see the moderator, and moderator can see participants.

3- Disable Abbrivation of the name of participants

4- Buzz the Participant to notify them for some thing (for example say
him your camera is open or unmute your self or any thing like that, I
mean some thing like yahoo messenger buzzer), buzzer should be
available just for moderator to buzz the participants.

5- Breakout feature, which can moderator group the participant and
send them to temporary rooms and after that bring them back to main
room. And during this times see what are they doing in these rooms and
talk to them.

6- Voting and Questioning the Participant to handle voting and
questioning them, or make a quiz.

7- Presenter video thumbnail on Share Screen.

8- Change the moderator befor logout, when moderator want to log out
can set the next moderator.

9- Moderator Attendance, for example you want to be presenter and want
some one be as your attendance for a while.

10- Timer and break time, for example you want to have a meeting or
class and for 4 hours and want on each 45 minute have 15 minutes of
break and rest so you as moderator should set this schedule and have a
timer on top of screen, and in end of each 45 minutes alert you and
after accept from you make a break time with for example a music.

So all is things I need to have

Please send me the price of development and the time which will be
taken to have one by one.
Keep in touch with me on email: nima.alizadeh.m@gmail.com

I can help you; I have emailed you

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What is your email in case I got many emails