Jitsi Developers slack channel

Hello everyone
is there any slack channel for jitsi developers?
if there’s , plz let me know.
or doesn’t exist, I suggest to make slack channel
there are many famous slack chnnnels for developers
so everyone can ask and answer realtime by chat


is there any slack for jitsi devs?

looks like yet

Hey there, do you know how we can set default video quality to low def, even if we are on a high speed internet connection. Also, is it possible through the client side?

Yes jitsi supports that.

I did changed the config file like this

    resolution: 240,
    constraints: {
        video: {
            height: {
                ideal: 240,
                max: 320,
                min: 240

But nothing happens. Can you help?

change config.js and did u restart server?

Sorry but by restarting server, you mean run make dev command again?

did u clone from git and run project?
or install by apt install jitsi meet?

i cloned from git and running it locally on port 8080

Yes then make dev again and run project.

Thats what i did, and when i hit manage video quality from bottom right ‘three dots’ button, its still on high definition, i don’t understand, what i am doing wrong

I develop after apt install on ubuntu and if install jitsi, you can see in usr/share/jitsi-meet folder.
so I git clone in this directory and (of course delete or move original one to other directory) and then “make”, then project runs like before but it is customized .
so I tested here

hope this is help for you


Can you confirm if it works, like changing the config files will set the default value to low def? Thanks

You don’t need to clone the codebase just for config file changes. Edit the config file (it’s most probably inside your /etc/jitsi/meet/ folder) and then refresh the browser - you don’t need to restart the server for config.js changes.

There is no jitsi folder under the etc directory, also I will be working on the client side thats why I cloned the repo. Can you guide me through?

If you cloned the repo and didn’t install through apt, then yes you have to compile it

npm install

inside the folder where you cloned it. Then edit the config.js file.

All right i just ran command make . Will revert asap