Jitsi Developer required

Hello, we are building a platform on react using nestjs and MySQL and are looking for a developer to develop our video solution. The requirements are:

  • Ability to stream one to many in private or public streams
  • Ability to stream many to many in both private and public streams
  • Ability for educator to ‘private’ videos hidden from paid and nonpaid subscribers
  • Ability for educator to stream private streams for paid courses
  • Ability to ban people from chat and video call
  • Ability to record live streams

Hello @mark_ait, we can help you with your requirement. I have sent you a DM. Please check it out.


Hi @mark_ait,
We sent you a DM. Kindly refer to that and reach us for more clarifications.
Thank you.

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Team Meetrix

Hello @mark_ait

I have sent you personal message, Please check.

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you,