[jitsi-dev] XMPP avatars not updated from server?

Hi all,

Just another fairly minor problem that one of my users has reported: apparently the avatars are misrepresented when users switch machines.

To reproduce:

* Create an avatar for your user on machine A. Other users will see avatar A and the user will also.
* Move to machine B and update this avatar. Other users will now see avatar B when their client updates presence information. The user's icon shows up as avatar B on machine B.
* Move back to machine A and log on. Other users will still see avatar B populated from the XMPP server, but machine A still displays the user's avatar as "A" which is out of date.

Would it be possible for the user's machine to poll for the user's own profile upon login (or some other interval) to check for this eventuality? I'm not sure if the user's data is included in the standard presence query but it would be nice so users don't continually "correct" their profiles by reuploading the same image multiple times (as I have done so myself without realising)

This might have an impact on the local avatar "history" feature but I would consider that most users wouldn't expect this to populate from the remote server and wouldn't complain about "missing" avatars here.

Thanks as always,


Toby Pinder | Telemetry Software Engineer