[jitsi-dev] windows-installer problem


Hi, I followed jitsi-Build-Installer-Guide ,but stuck in an error in makefile:
echo # >> C:\Users\thinkpad\workspace\jitsi/release/windows/tmp/light/config.h
     [exec] C:/mingw/x86/bin/windres.exe -I../../../../resources/install/windows -I"C:\Users\thinkpad\workspace\jitsi/release/windows/tmp/light" run.rc -O coff -o "C:\Users\thinkpad\workspace\jitsi/release/windows/tmp/light"/run.res
     [exec] In file included from run.rc:8:0:Makefile:53: recipe for target 'C:\Users\thinkpad\workspace\jitsi/release/windows/tmp/light/run.res' failed
     [exec] run.h:12:43: fatal error: config.h: No such file or direct

Is there any suggestions how to solve this problem ?Or if there is any detailed explanation about the procedure of creating the installer, thanks.
Regards ,