[jitsi-dev] webcam not working + crash



I have a cheap USB Logitech webcam that I've been using for approx. 4
years now with no major issues. Works fine with Skype on Windows and
mostly okay with Skype on Linux (Ubuntu).

On Jitsi 1.0-build.3967 it does not work at all - once I plug the
camera in the computer jitsi understands that something was plugged in
and verifies the sound input/output devices with a dialog, but then
pressing the button to activate the camera (during a voice call) does
not bring up any video and the camera's LED indicator does not turn

This behaviour is on a Windows 7 machine with the latest stable 64-bit

Attaching a screenshot of the hardware ID properties in case it helps
you understand what chipset the camera is using. As far as I can tell
it's a Logitech QuickCam with a single physical button on it.

In case it helps, here is what my Linux system reports when connecting
the same camera to it:

[10645.064097] usb 3-2: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 6
[10645.254380] gspca: probing 046d:08da
[10646.307299] zc3xx: probe 2wr ov vga 0x0000
[10646.343293] zc3xx: probe sensor -> 0011
[10646.343299] zc3xx: Find Sensor HV7131R(c)
[10646.346443] input: zc3xx as
[10646.347679] gspca: video0 created
[10646.347688] gspca: found int in endpoint: 0x82, buffer_len=8, interval=10
[10646.348197] gspca: probing 046d:08da

Please also note that disconnecting the camera (even though it's not
successfully used) during an active call usually results in an ugly
Jitsi crash: The application freezes and has to be killed via the Task
Manager. Only then does Jitsi realise it has crashed and offers the
user the option to re-launch.

Had a look in the logs but can't see anything interesting - let me
know if you want me to send logs anyway for analysis by more
experienced eyeballs :slight_smile: